The Brain Exchange
The Brain Exchange
20th Anniversary, August 1995- August 2015
San Francisco Bay Area Women's Brain Exchange


Joy-Lily, one of the early leaders of The Brain Exchange, has suggested that the brainstorming process is an opportunity to explore a special kind of creativity — the artful and innovative solving of problems in all spheres of life.

We don't need to struggle alone when brainstorming, an most enjoyable and dynamic form of problem solving, is available. The process involves a structured interaction with a group of energetic, creative and generous people. They will respond with action ideas to a question posed by a member of the group. There are no criticisms or challenges as uncensored ideas tumble out rapidly and spontaneously. The person whose question is brainstormed leaves with new ideas and fresh ways of looking at old ones.

Brainstorming is an opportunity to explore our capacity for generating a high volume of ideas, and a way to discover our problem-solving talents.

The process gets our minds working in creative, mind-stretching modes while having more fun than you can imagine!

Ideas may continue to emerge in the days or weeks following the session. Just being in a room with the high energy that brainstorming generates will stimulate your problem-solving talents, even if you don't ask a question.

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